Schuster specialises in

3D laser cutting

Schuster Rohrbogen GmbH can cut tubes, profiles and sheets 
using 3D laser technology.
The emphasis is on 3D laser cutting tasks for bent tubes and profiles.
The transfer of drawing data sets allows us to provide fast quotations 
and to ensure cost-effective, expert manufacturing in accordance 
with drawings.


TRUMPF 3D laser cell – TruLaserCell7040

3D Laserschneiden

Technical data:
    5 axis gantry with an additional rotation axis

    CO2  laser

    3.200 Watt


Operating range:

    x: 4.000 mm

    y: 1.500 mm

    z: 750 mm


Maximum material thickness:

    Mild steel: 15 mm

    Stainless steel: 7 mm

    Aluminium: 5 mm


3D Laser
3D Laser
3D Laser

Trumpf 3D-Laser TruLaserCell7040
Our Trumpf 3D laser: TruLaserCell7040