Bending processes

Mandrel bending

Mandrel bending

Mandrels allow us to supply 
complex geometries with good repeatability in serial production.

Profil rolling

Profil rolling

Without a mandrel we bend using three and four profile 
bending dies. For special bending processes such as spirals, we use the winding method.


combined bending

Combined bending

One of our core competencies is bending different bending radii 
in succession during a bending procedure.

Schuster specialises in

Profiles, Structural-steel hollow profiles and special profiles

Cold bending for profiles


Schuster does not just bend circular tubes – we focus strongly 
on the processing of structural-steel hollow profiles and 
special profiles.



Structural-steel hollow profiles


Schuster’s customers frequently require frame tubes or safety-related roll bars for the machines, cabins, vehicles and/or vehicle cabins that they manufacture. Structural-steel hollow profiles are often necessary here. Schuster has become a specialist in the cold bending of structural-steel hollow profiles, particular in the segment for safety-related areas of application.

Special profiles


Symmetrical and asymmetrical special profiles have always played a particularly important role at Schuster. Cabin 
construction is a traditional market segment for Schuster. 
In addition to door profiles, we process hand rail profiles, 
vignole rails tracks, light railway tracks and many other 
special profiles. With the bending tools manufactured at 
our own tool-making facility, we can cold bend the special profiles using mandrels and profile rolling.