Schuster specialises in

Mandrel bending

During mandrel bending, tubes are cold worked using a support mandrel and 
a bending template. The bending radius is defined by the template.


The advantages of using mandrels are:


A high degree of precision


Tight radii from 1.3 times OD (Outer Diameter)

Thin wall thickness



Halbrad Dornbiegemaschine

Using mandrels enables bending with mean bending radii from 
1.3 times the outer tube diameter (from 1.3 x OD). For thin tube walls and tight bending radii, jointed mandrels, fold smoothers and feeding devices can be used.

With a total of 26 mandrel bending machines, we cover a broad spectrum of solutions from 4 mm to 219 mm OD. With our wide range of bending tools, we can manufacture virtually all radii and dimensions at short notice and usually with no special tool costs.

We manufacture boiler tube or stainless steel versions of 
U tubes/hairpin tubes for heat exchangers up to a length of 14 m.


Schuster speciality:

3S bends 
with leg extensions

Using special mandrel bending machines, we manufacture 3S and 
5S bends with leg extensions for tubes with an outer diameter of 21.3 mm to 114.3 mm, similar to types 3 and 5 according to DIN 2605.

We have bending tools for tubes with an outer diameter of:

21,3 mm 

42,4 mm 76,1 mm
26,9 mm  48,3 mm 88,9 mm
33,7 mm  60,3 mm 114,3 mm