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Profil rolling

Profil 3-Walzen

With the three-die profile rolling equipment, we can round 
tubes with an outer diameter of up to 324 x 10 mm.
In addition to tubes, we process all the common profile types, such as square tubes, rectangular tubes, special profiles such as 
C profiles and Jansen profiles.

Examples of use include: Cabin frame profiles, cabin doorframe profiles, profiles for bridge railings and light railway tracks.

We use the three-die bending method for „narrow” radii, 
for example from eight times the outer tube diameter.
 Bending angles of greater than 180° are also possible.
 However, the narrower the bending radius the greater the 
ovality. The ovality is greater than with mandrel bending.
 Tubes and profiles with a length of up to 18 mm can be 

With the four-die rolling equipment, we manufacture 
cylindrical spirals for heat exchangers with an outer tube 
diameter of up to 60.3 mm.

CNC profile rolling equipment

With our three CNC-controlled profile rollers, we can 
manufacture tubes with various radii in succession.

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