– your specialist in tube and profile bending

Schuster specialises in bending tubes and profiles using a cold bending process. Our companies in Mannheim and Zeithain have over 60 years of experience in this specialist area. For this reason, we are able to handle unusual and special bending jobs for our customers.


We envolve our range of services. Bent components get cut with 3D-Laser and welded to form component assemblies.

Systematic quality management and the development of cost-effective 
alternatives that provide our customers with benefits are very important to us.

The overriding aim of our team of over 50 employees is to:

„increase benefits for the customer“



bending techniques

We use mandrels in the bending process, the three and four profile 
bending dies and for special bending processes such as spirals, we use the winding method.


3D laser technology

In addition to cold bending, we process bent tubes and profiles using 
3D laser cutting.


Welding technology

On request, we can join bent tube components to form component 
assemblies. We have an expert welding department for this purpose.