A successful company history


1951 Founding of the Schuster company. At this time, threaded tube 
connections and customised special parts for tubes were manufactured.
1954 Purchase of the first tube bending machine. From this point on, threaded tube bending could also be provided.
The continuing specialisation in tube bending and the associated 
expansion of the range of solutions resulted in constant extension of 
the company’s machinery. Employees developed into experts in the 
cold bending of tubes.
1978 The company’s Mannheim premises on Industriestraße became 
too small, so the company moved to Landzungenstraße in Mannheim’s commercial harbour.
1989 The hall was extended and the mandrel bending machines 
were modernised.
1990 Entry into the profile roller segment
1993 Site opened in Zeithain, Saxony.
With its tube plant, the Zeithain site is known well beyond Saxony’s 
borders as the site for tubes
1998 From the Zeithain site, the independent company Schuster 
Rohrbogen GmbH, Zeithain was formed.
This was also the year that an extension was built with an area of 800 square metres for production and storage.
2003 Start-up of the PROMAU DAVI three-die profile rolling equipment for tubes with an outer diameter of up to 324 mm.
2005 Extension of the production and storage areas to include a hall 
with an area of 1,400 square metres.
2007 The Mannheim-based company moved to its current location in the Friedrichsfeld area of Mannheim. At the site, which has an overall area of 6,000 square metres and a production and storage area of 3,000 square metres, there are excellent opportunities for further extending the tube bending capabilities and customer satisfaction.
2008 Purchase of the 139 CNC multi-radius mandrel bending machine 
for combined bending in one setting.
2009 Incorporation of the 3D laser equipment from ZTS Glaubitz.
2010 Establishment of a welding department in Mannheim.
2011 Extension of the production and storage areas 
by 1,400 square metres at Schuster Rohrbogen to an 
indoor area of 5,000 square metres on an overall area 
of 13,000 square metres.