Our range of services – an initial overview

Schuster bends, laser cuts und welds...

  • All materials suitable for cold bending such as alloyed and non-alloyed high-grade steels and stainless steels, as well as non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper and aluminium.
  • An outer tube diameter of 4 mm to 219 mm on bending machines with mandrels
  • An outer tube diameter of 4 mm to 324 mm on three- or four-die profile rolling equipment
  • Tubes: Round, rectangular and square tubes
  • Profiles: UNP, IPE and special profiles, solid material
  • Angled sections, isosceles and non-isosceles

Examples of use

  • Bent components with various narrow and tight radii in one setting in an outer tube diameter range of 60 mm to 114 mm
  • Bent components with various radii in succession for an outer tube diameter range of 20 mm to 100 mm on profile rolling equipment
  • Special profiles for vehicle and cabin construction
  • Safety-related roll bars for vehicle and cabin construction
  • Hydraulic lines for special vehicle construction
  • Frame brackets (e.g. 100 x 50 x 5 mm) with a mean bending radius (centre of radius) of up to 1,000 mm on bending machines with mandrels
  • Profiles for steel construction, e.g. up to IPE 450, UNP 450, HEB 300, HEA via the light axis; up to UNP 280 and HEB 280, including via the heavy axis
  • Steel tube up to 324 mm x 10 mm on three-die profile rolling equipment for pipeline construction
  • Hollow sections for steel construction according to EN 10210 and 10219 with narrow and wide radius, e.g. tube dimensions 120 x 80 x 6.3 mm with an inner bending radius of 220 mm bent via the heavy axis
  • Heat exchange tubes according to TRD 100 for apparatus construction
  • Spiral tubes for heat exchangers
  • Bent components that require right/left bends in a setting with an outer diameter of 4 mm to 32 mm
  • 3S bends with leg extension (centre of radius 1.3 x outer diameter) for an outer diameter of between 21.3 mm and 114 mm
  • Railing tube bending
  • Hand rails for spiral staircases
  • U profiles and hand rails for industrial shed and bridge construction


And much more!


For tube and profile bending that is not specified here, we are happy to develop special solutions with and/or for customers.


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